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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose which doctor I go to?

Yes.  You have the right to see any doctor that you choose. However, an injured worker is limited in that they may only go to two separate doctors without a referral. 


Can I get worker's compensation and Social Security Disability at the same time?

Yes, an injured worker is eligible to recieve 80% of their pre-injury average weekly wage if they are receiving both social security disability and workers' compensation at the same time. Compared to only 66% of their average weekly wage if they are only receiving workers' compensation. Refer to the dowload to the right for further information on how working may affect your disability claim.

What is the maximum weekly/monthly amount i can get in TTD & PPD?


When should I get a lawyer's help?

Whenever you face the following dillemas:

  • The doctor you chose and the company doctor disagree regarding your injury.
  • Your employer or the insurance company asks you to give a recorded statement.
  • You are asked to sign a settlement document. 
  • You cannot return to work because of your injury.
  • It is more than two weeks since your injury and you have not recieved any benefits.
  • You were terminated  after your work injury


How much will it cost to retain an attorney?

Lawyer's fees are charged in worker's compensation only if the claim is successful. By statute, fees are 20% of the amount in dispute.


How long am I entitled to benefits after getting hurt at work?

Until your doctor says you have reached your healing plateau. If your employer cannot offer work within the temporary restrictions provided by your doctor, benefits continue.